About six months ago, I had the greasiest, grossest, oily hair. Except for the ends, which were extremely dry. The roots to mid length of my hair would seemingly become greasy overnight. If I washed my hair one day, it would be oily by the next. So I would wash my hair every day or every other day just to get rid of the greasiness at the roots.

Turns out, this is exactly why my hair was producing so much oil.

Just like with your skin, if you strip your scalp of its natural oils, it’s going to produce more oil! Then you wash it to get rid of the oil, then it produces more. It’s a vicious, annoying and not cute cycle. But the good news is that you can break the cycle and it’s not about buy new or expensive shampoos. It’s about using the right shampoo and using it when needed, not overusing it.

If you’re using the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type, there is no need to wash your hair every single day.

This is what worked for me and tons of other people. There was definitely an adjustment period when I wasn’t washing my hair as much and my scalp needed to balance out and not produce so much oil. But I now wash my hair once a week and my ends are no longer breaking off and are much healthier, and my scalp doesn’t look like I dumped olive oil on it.

You must use shampoo that is gentle, pH balanced, free of chemicals and won’t strop the hair of oil. Even most “organic” brands of shampoo still contain several chemicals and will definitely strip the scalp and hair of its moisture. For the most part, they’re just an overpriced version of regular drug store shampoo.

This shampoo is amazing, actually all of Morrocco Method’s products are awesome, but this shampoo is particularly great for an oily scalp and roots and volumizes hair as well.


This conditioner is perfect for those with an oily scalp but still want to nourish their hair and make sure the ends don’t dry out or split. It’s perfect for all hair types and won’t weight hair down the way other conditioners do.


This conditioner is a leave in hair mist that also volumizes. I don’t know how it works, but it does. When I first tried it I thought there was no way a spray-in conditioner would be enough for my dry, split ends. Turns out, it was super moisturizing and gave my usually limp hair body.


I really cannot say enough good things about Morrocco Method. Whether you want to lengthen, thicken or strengthen your hair, Morrocco Method shows you how and give you the tools to do it.  Their products are plant based, ethically sources and just work really, really well. I love ’em. My favorite products are the lengthen package:


Their products are a bit more expensive than your average run of the mill shampoo and conditioners, but you pay for what you get. Their products are the best and will give you the best results. Because you don’t need to wash your hair everyday with them, you’re actually saving a ton of money.



  1. I am three weeks in with Morrocco Method products. My hair feels greasy on top and dry on the ends. Any advice? I have previously used shampoos/conditioners that get a 2 on ewg.org so I didn’t think my detox phase would take so long, but I am ready to give up!

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