Suffering from symptoms of anxiety? A simple over the counter supplement might be the easiest natural anxiety treatment! 

I’ve suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. I think it started when I was 3 or 4 so (unfortunately), therefore I am quite experienced in this field. Today, I would like to share some of my acquired knowledge about natural anxiety treatment with you.

Many factors can cause anxiety. That includes emotional, genetic, environmental, etc. While prescription drugs are often the first resort, it turns out that a completely safe over-the-counter mineral could actually be the more effective anxiety treatment.

There is one calming mineral that some reports say 90% of the population is deficient in – magnesium.

Our ancestors had an abundance of magnesium from organ meats, seafood, swimming in the ocean, and rich soil. But it isn’t uncommon to be depleted today. The modern diet is sufficiently lacking in magnesium and our soil is no longer as healthy as it once was.

Stress is also a factor – not only does it worsen anxiety and depression symptoms, it rapidly depletes magnesium from the body. In a time when most people eat poorly, work long hours and stress is commonplace – it’s no wonder why most people are magnesium deficient.

But could this also be the reason why so many people experience anxiety?

Magnesium plays a hugely important role in the body.

Magnesium supports cell growth and development, normal blood pressure, enables thousands of biochemical processes, contributes to the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, and releases the appropriate amount of serotonin in the brain. Without adequate magnesium, the brain will not properly release serotonin.

Magnesium Supplements for natural over-the-counter anxiety treatment

Magnesium naturally calms the muscular and nervous systems.

People often experience muscle cramps when they are magnesium deficient – it’s the same with anxiety. When a person experiences an anxiety attack, it is likely that they are magnesium deficient – and the stress of an anxiety attack will further deplete the body of this beneficial mineral.

In Psychology Today, Dr. Emily Deans discusses case studies on the effects of magnesium,

A 40 year-old “irritable, anxious, extremely talkative, moderately depressed” smoking, alchohol-drinking, cocaine using male took 125mg magnesium taurinate at each meal and bedtime, and found his symptoms were gone within a week, and his cravings for tobacco, cocaine, and alcohol disappeared. His “ravenous appetite was supressed, and … beneficial weight loss ensued.”

A 59 y/o “hypomanic-depressive male”, with a long history of treatable mild depression, developed anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and insomnia after a year of extreme personal stress and bad diet (“fast food”). Lithium and a number of antidepressants did nothing for him… His sleep was immediately restored, and his anxiety and depression were greatly reduced, though he sometimes needed to wake up in the middle of the night to take a magnesium pill to keep his “feeling of wellness.” A 500mg calcium pill would cause depression within one hour, extinguished by the ingestion of 400mg magnesium.

Since introducing magnesium supplements as an anxiety treatment, I have experienced a HUGE reduction in anxiety. 

 I had severe panic attacks until I was about 22 when I drastically changed my diet by eliminating processed foods, most grains, and sugar while introducing organ meats, healthy fats and fermented foods (if you would like to overhaul your diet, I suggest checking out my 21-day program).

After that my anxiety was more like a nagging annoyance. Since introducing magnesium supplements, I have been anxiety-free. 

What type of magnesium is best for anxiety?

I take regular magnesium baths and use this magnesium supplement. I prefer magnesium glycinate, at it has shown to be most effective for anxiety, stress and sleep. I also recommend magnesium lotion. I highly recommend both. Magnesium lotion before bed improves my sleep. I fall asleep faster without waking up throughout the night.

Are You Magnesium Deficient?

Unfortunately, magnesium tests are often inaccurate. The tests measure magnesium in the blood, while the majority of magnesium found in the body does not reside in the blood. The best way to determine magnesium deficiency is to evaluate the symptoms:

  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • muscle cramps/spasms
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • irregular heartbeat
  • trouble falling asleep/staying asleep
  • hormonal imbalances
Anxiety Treatment | If you have anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. - you might be deficient in this one mineral, which could be the easiest natural anxiety treatment ever. It is widely available over the counter and cheap! #anxiety, #selfhelp, #healthyliving, #supplements, #minerals,


Anxiety Treatment | If you have anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. - you might be deficient in this one mineral, which could be the easiest natural anxiety treatment ever. It is widely available over the counter and cheap! #anxiety, #selfhelp, #healthyliving, #supplements, #minerals
Suffering from symptoms of Anxiety? A simple over the counter supplement might be the easiest natural anxiety treatment! #anxiety #remedies
Suffering from symptoms of Anxiety? A simple over the counter supplement might be the easiest natural anxiety treatment! #anxiety #remedies #relief #nutrition


    • dani stout Reply

      I use Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion that I linked to in the article. Transdermal application ensures a better delivery, here is the link:

    • I’ve been taking 250mg Magnesium with D3 for about 2 years now. Never did a thing for my anxiety etc.
      I’m wondering if it’s the cheap brands I buy & the ingredients are not what they say they are.

      • dani Reply

        Oral magnesium isn’t absorbed very well, that’s why I recommend the transdermal.

      • It could be that your are gluten sensitive as well. Gluten can also lead to Anxiety and many other of the same exact symptoms symptoms.

      • Brian Harris Reply

        I wouldn’t take D3 with magnesium because D3 ups the calsium absorbtion but you need K2 to transport the calcium to were it needs to go. without K2, calcium will deposit in your viens causing cacification of the arteries and lead to blockages

  1. I have been recommending magnesium for anxiety and in general for almost twenty years. I thank functional medicine and Dr. Jeffry Bland for being so ahead of the curve.

    • dani stout Reply

      I linked to the magnesium lotion I use in the article, I use about a quarter sized dollop every night.

  2. Hi, great post as always. Have you viewed your posts as they present on a smartphone screen? I use an iPhone. Almost unreadable. Highly frustrating at best. I guess there must be a way to optimize this. I only have this prob with this blog. It’s a shame.

    • dani stout Reply

      Thanks for letting me know! I’ll work on getting it fixed.

      • Its not bad on Android. It appears that there is 2 columns; the main body of the article in the first. Definitely readable…its just in a thin column half the size of screen. Turning phone to landscape position makes it much better 😉 Many Android screens are a touch bigger than iPhone, however. Great post! Magnesium makes a big difference in my achy joints. They don’t bother me when I’m sitting but once I stand I feel like a wet tin man 🙁

  3. My sister has found taking a magnesium product called Calm so beneficial for her anxiety she says she won’t give it up for anything!
    I take the Calm supplement too (but infrequently because I forget to take it so I don’t get as great results as I could) and I find it helpful for various reasons.
    Too much magnesium taken internally can cause too many trips to the bathroom, so the magnesium oil or lotion is a great alternative (I should probably put some on now that I think about it…thanks).
    My mom frequently mentions/quotes the book The Magnesium Miracle so I know a fair amount about how great magnesium is for many purposes. I am trying to get so I get more magnesium based foods in my diet.

  4. You never mentioned how much your guide was??? Or how to buy it?? Can you help a sister out?

  5. If i were to take the supplement how many milligrams? Also will this help me to get off my lexapro? I have been looking for a natural way for so long as i have been battling this for 20 years. Are you saying the lotion is the best vs supplement?

    • dani stout Reply

      I do prefer a transdermal supplement, yes. There is evidence that magnesium is better absorbed this way. I cannot prescribe milligrams or tell you if it will help you get off of Lexapro; I would consult a holistically minded doctor for that info.

  6. Natural Calm is a really great magnesium drink, great flavors and nice and warm going down, it’s relaxing just drinking it! highly recommend!

    • Hello Amy, I have tried calm as well, and found it helpful. In addition I was really able to heal my anxiety and panic attacks long term by rewiring new pathways in the brain. I was able to create long term neurological habits conditioned to maintain a mindset of calm and resilience.

      • I have been using Magnesuim for many years, I have irregular heartbeat an Anxiety, it does help cannot go without it, iam going through cancer my Anxiety has increased, is there anything else you can recommend please

        • dani Reply

          I am so sorry! If you search anxiety on my site you can find many articles but I love Gaia Herbs products to help with my anxiety and stress!

  7. Denise Senesac Reply

    I take magnesium citrate regularly. It works wonders for muscles and nerves. However, I take magnesium oxide when I am constipated. The two work differently.

    • I hope you take them opposite of what you said. The mag citrate is what we give patients to help them go when constipated in the hospital. We use Mag oxide to replace magnesium when deficient and as a daily dose.

      • no crystal denise is correct oxide 500mg is to help with constipation and bisglycinate 200mg is dietary

  8. How often do you take the epsom salt baths?

    I’ve dealt with anxiety and severe panic attacks since elementary school. Into adulthood, they became less and less.

    But since I have been trying to get off of gluten, my anxieties have peaked again. I’ve been trying to cut out processed foods and sugars, pretty much a Paleo diet. It feels almost like what withdrawals symptoms feel like, from what I’ve read.

    Thank you for this post. Hopefully, this will help! 🙂

    • Hey MJ, I have tried Epsom salts as well as a GF and DF lifestyle too, and found it was temporarily helpful. However, I was really able to heal my anxiety and panic attacks long term by rewiring new pathways in the brain. I was able to create long term neurological habits conditioned to maintain a mindset of calm and resilience.

  9. Does it matter where you rub the lotion on? Is there a better place for the magnesium to be absorbed?

  10. Tammy s graves Reply

    OMG…. Industry knew some day I would find out why I felt this way and my symptoms. My mom and my daughter also have these same symptoms. Anxiety is the problem , which I did. Finally figured this out a few years ago. Now finding this info from you about magnesium is the missing key . I am taking Effexor 75mg per day for hot flashes and feeling like crying all the time it really really helps but side effects of blurry vision and weight gain is something I have learned to live with. Now I think after reading your blog that I will seek a holistic doctor thank you so much Dani you have helped three people changed a life long health issue. Great full for ever . Tammy

    • dani stout Reply

      I seriously am about to cry. I’m so happy to help!

      And please find a holistic doctor to help manage your hot flashes. Drugs are not always the answer.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

    • Hey Tammy, I have tried multiple lifestyle changes, and found them to be temporarily helpful. However, I was really able to heal my anxiety and panic attacks long term by rewiring new pathways in the brain. I was able to create long term neurological habits conditioned to maintain a mindset of calm and resilience.

  11. Very interesting!!!! I actually have misophonia and I take magnesium capsules and it doesn’t really help misophonia but I never thought about if it helped with my anxiety… Thanks!!

  12. Last summer I suffered from my first anxiety attacks. It was terrifying. I learned breathing techniques that helped manage the symptoms and it did help me avoid attacks, but from the very first magnesium tablet, I felt different–not quivery. One day after several months, I felt an attack coming on and immediately took an additional magnesium tablet at half strength. Magnesium supplement works for me. Also, walking every day for about 15 minutes invigorates my mind. That tip came from a woman who had suffered from anxiety attacks for many years.

  13. Just be careful not to over do it. If you have too much magnesium, you can end up with horrific diarrhea.

    • dani stout Reply

      True, but it’s pretty hard to overdo magnesium.

      • Howler-and? Reply

        Sorry to say thats a deep routed emotional issue… U still suffering from over drama? Maybe you need a pet llama… Hear theres a hole in the rock u can feed them carrots out ur mouth 🙂 could be relaxing

  14. Just saw your article. I have not slept thru the night for 20 yrs. I’m 64, in pretty good shape and health but lately I am experiencing leg pain and cramping esp at night. I take Epsom salts soaks after a massage (monthly most times) but I’d like to add magnesium. I’ve read that it should be combined with calcium and now I saw another type ; taurinate. I’ve seen glycinate but not the other. How should these be used and in what doses ?

    thanks for your help with this

  15. I’m a diabetic and suffer with stress and anxiety can magnesium help diabetics

    • dani stout Reply

      Magnesium is great for almost anyone but check with your doctor, maybe get blood work to see where your levels are.

  16. My 13 yr old daughter has trouble sleeping and is now struggling with anxiety and stomach pains. I have been suspecting gluten or ulcer. Would you recommend weekly baths and the lotion? Any other tips?

    • dani stout Reply

      I recommend speaking with a naturopath/qualified holistic practitioner.

    • Bragg Organic apple cider viniger! Will do the trick 30 minutes before each meal. Nichole

  17. Nicol Allers Reply

    Thanks do much for this great information. I already knew that I have a problem with magnesium deficiency, but never linked it with my anxiety issues… nor have doctors. I have been informed that it takes a LOT of magnesium to burn sugar. Lowering my sugar intake has really helped me sustain my magnesium levels. I feel like that is crucial information that often gets left out. Thanks for all your great articles!

  18. Hi there, Dani. Great post. Could you perhaps tell me the source of your photo? I am in a need of a similar photo. Thanks much!

    • dani stout Reply

      I don’t remember exactly, I use Dreamstime for most of my images. Also I’m a big fan of your site!

  19. I been suffering from anxiety and depression for 6 years. I was wondering if you can email as to how much magnesium I should take. I been also suffer from lack of energy and pain in one my knees. I rather do the all natural way but don’t know how.

  20. Wow, thank you for a very informative post! I have been reading general articles that say magnesium may help anxiety and depression symptoms and have been wanting to read a bit further into it. Your article has nice and informative references. I am going to go out and finally try it out. Hopefully it will help and we can share that further with our Canadian Veterans and their famalies.

  21. i cant wait to try the bath soaks,lotion and the supplement for anxiety. Thank you for posting this article.

    • dani Reply

      It can differ for everyone but I just use the recommended dosage on the side of the bottle.

  22. Thank you for the informative article! I have taken magnesium citrate and aspartate, but I haven’t heard of magnesium taurinate, sounds intriguing. I, too, used to suffer from severe panic attacks, but after changing my diet I haven’t had a single panic attack for several years. It’s amazing how big impact diet has on our moods!

  23. suffer from light head when I am anxious it affected me for six months but with with rest and omega 3 it has improved , It affects me from time to time .i have this constant throbbing at the back of my head did test as I also have high blood pressure doctor believes it is anxiety. Don’t mind taking the supplement but not sure which to take and how much.
    Can you assist.

  24. How many mg is recommended a day? I’ve been taking 500 so far. Thanks!

    • dani Reply

      I’m unable to make blind recommendations. Check with your doctor to decide what is right for you.

      • Hey Dani this is fantastic information ! I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for years and terrible postpartum. Then about 7 months ago I had a miscarriage and have really struggled. It’s always about drugs not taking a holistic natural approach! I am so thankful you put this out there for all of us who need it! Could you please post the links for the bath salts and lotion so I make sure I have the correct ones to buy from Amazon? Thank you again!

  25. Hi, I suffer from fibromyalgia and anxiety and now severe depression, have taken magnesium citrate for years, it never did anything for me except relieve my constipation. I am on Xanax for severe anxiety. I have tried calm but it seems to make me more anxious. I am also severely depressed, and it’s very concerning. I don’t even want to leave the house or get out of bed in the morning. I feel just hopelessness at this point. I’ve tried magnesium oils, but didn’t notice any change. I avoid conventional doctors because they all want to put me on multiple antidepressants and antipsychotics. Tried those and they make my anxiety skyrocket, then anxiety meds have to be increased. Not to mention, the side effects. And after doing extensive research, I am anti big pharma. I don’t even take meds for fibromyalgia. I just learned to deal with it. Felt no different after stopping the fibromyalgia drugs. Just goes to show they don’t work! I have never tried any other type of magnesium. Doesn’t taking magnesium have to be balanced by taking calcium also? I’m willing to try another format of magnesium, but I don’t want to tip the balance of any other minerals.

  26. Oh my gosh I am soooo excited to stumble across this post on a friends fb page! My 18 year old grandaughter just went to the doctor because she is dealing with anxiety . She has been self diagnosing online ( very dangerous) and is convinced it’s her thyroid . The doc did some blood work and she is waiting for the results . My concern is that she will end up on medication even its is a mild case of thyroid problems. I have little to no trust in our pharmisuitical industry! $. Every symptom she has told me about is listed on your page! She WILL try natural before medication. I am sending her this article as soon as I am finished typing ! Thank you

  27. Thank you so much for this information I really needed to know this. Appreciate you,
    God bless you,

  28. I suffer from serve depression and anxiety , I went to a holistic dr and had a lot of test ran to see if I was in menopause , found out that I’m not, I just recently had to go back on my meds , I couldn’t take the depression and bad thoughts , but now I’m having awful anxiety every morning until midday , I was told my lithuim levels were low , do you think the lotion would help with my aniexty ? Thank-you Maria

  29. I’m 26 and suffer from panic disorder accompanied by agoraphobia. I have severe panic attacks everyday and I’m scared to be alone. I use an app called the calm, i deep breathe, meditate, started taking a multivitamin with omega 7 and something called adrenathrive. I took myself off my SSRI but am still needing my lorazepam. I’m reading the DARE response book and the power of now and I’m just losing hope. Where is the best place to buy this lotion or oil? And what do you suggest to take like which magnesium since there seem to be a lot of different ones. Sorry I’m just desperate for help and am scared and i will get whatever lotion oil or mineral/supplement i need. I also never learned how to eat properly. I look like I’m healthy because I’m petite but I’m aware i am lacking in nutrients. Sorry i can’t stop rambling just looking for exactly what to purchase as i want it like stat. Thank you.

  30. How do you know what kind of magnesium and how much?
    Is there a brand that is best?

  31. Thanks for all the info. I have anxiety. GAD to be exact I will try some of these things. Have any advice for optical Migraines? They told me stress and exhaustion causes them and since i cant completely stop all that maybe you have some advice???

  32. Just take omega 3 fatty acid, amino acid, and b12 multivitamin for 30 days. 90% get rid of anxiety and 10% on your mind don’t keep on scolding your self.

  33. Can you overdose on magnesium? Is it more effective applied topically as a spray or lotion? How is a pill form verses the topical different?

  34. I read the comments to a certain point and gave up. Just want to say that magnesium stops night terrors for those still having those.

  35. I was given 25 courses of anti biotic over a 12 mnth period,
    I now can’t walk up my stair without gasping for breath. I seriously have no quality of life. The doctors just wanna give me umore andore c**pto mask the so called chronic Asthma. I’ve never ever been ill until now. I want to get pro pre biotics. I need to heal myself please help

  36. Can Magnesium be taken if you are on warfarin and can you take too much?

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