In starting my research for this article, I began reading up on which oils were best for weight loss (duh). Which oil helped curve cravings, which oil was good for digestion, which oil could support a healthy metabolism and the like. I found that these are the five best essential oils to support healthy weight loss (of course, with a healthy diet and regular exercise):


Many people who struggle with weight loss also struggle with insulin resistance. Grapefruit has been shown to reduce cravings but even more importantly, helps maintain an already healthy insulin response. A diet high in carbohydrates and sugar coupled with the intake of omega-6 vegetable oils (the Standard American Diet) leads to insulin resistance. This is one of the main reasons people are not able to manage their weight.

Grapefruit can help balance hormones as well, which is a large part of weight loss.


Lemon oil is a great way to detoxify the body. Have you heard of drinking lemon water in the morning? This is because it stimulates the liver, which is the body’s filtration system. The polyphenols found in lemon have also shown to aid in weight loss.


Cinnamon supports normal blood glucose levels, or the amount of sugar in the blood. Cinnamon provides gentle detoxification and can boost the immune system.


Ginger promotes a healthy inflammatory response, in addition to being great for digestion. Did your grandmother ever give you ginger ale for an upset stomach? Mine did! While a soda isn’t going to help digestion, therapeutic grade ginger oil will.


Peppermint is also great for digestion, it’s even recommended for those who may have minor stomach issues.

Peppermint has also proven to curb cravings and help people limit overeating. For those with serious weight loss issues, it can help suppress appetite. I don’t normally recommend the suppression of appetite, but for those with a significant amount of weight to lose, this is extremely helpful. Some are prone to overeating and no longer have trouble with knowing when they are full, or when it’s time to stop eating.

If you’re interested in achieving healthy, lasting weight loss – check out my Essential Weight Loss Program (we eat real food; not less food, not low-cal junk food). You can read more about the program HERE.


  1. HI Dani, Im kind of new with essential oils… so my question is maybe stupid…what do you have to do with the oil ?


    • dani stout Reply

      That’s not stupid at all!

      You can inhale them, apply to the skin and some you can even eat. Although you can only eat doTERRA oils because they are extremely pure and certified therapeutic grade. Slim & Sassy is usually added to water.

  2. Dani, can you tell me more about how you use them. How many drops do you add to your water. Is it a fire dance party going down? I have sudden weight gain from increased inflammation and cortisol levels that is hard to explain medically. I’d love to heal myself naturally and this sounds like a good place to start. I’ve used oregano oil under my tongue (3 drops) to fight off virus, but that is definitely a fire dance going down, lol.

    • dani stout Reply

      You can actually buy Slim and Sassy in capsule form which makes it so much easier. I highly recommend that!

    • I’m sorry, Angela, I posted this in the wrong place. I will repost and hope you will see it here…..Angela, you should NEVER use Oregano oil like that! There are other oils to use for a virus. Oregano is a “hot” oil. Even used topically, it should be used with a carrier oil. Essential oils are wonderful, but they need to be used correctly. Please get yourself a good, informative book about essential oils, so you can learn to use EO’s safely and not make serious mistakes like this. has several good books. Good luck! – See more at:

  3. Almost all of the scientific-method based sources (excluding the Peppermint Oil abstract) say nothing about the effects of the essential oils you claim are helping with weight loss. The studies quoted use the edible plants in their research, not extracted oils.
    If you are going to claim a product is “healthy,” please do proper research first so you don’t look like a product-pushing ditz.

    • dani stout Reply

      Well common sense would dictate that if the studies I provided were for edible plants, then consuming the essential oils (which is just a concentrated version of) the plants would be equally, if not more effective. I’m not the ditz here.

  4. Sharon Engelland Reply

    I’m interested in doing your 30 day program. May I sign up under my daughter-in-law and still work with you? I have 20#’s that I want lose, again.

    • dani stout Reply

      Hey Sharon,

      Unfortunately not. The program is only open to those who sign up with me. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d love to work with you!

  5. hi I’m wondering about an oil that I could use for tiredness. I’m extremely tired even after 10 hours of sleep. Thank you

  6. What would you recommend for weight loss? I would like to loss around fifty pounds. Mostly in the three main places on a women. My Blood Pressure is boderline.

  7. doTerra oils are not the only oils you that are safe to swallow! You really should do more research before you push these products on people! These products are not approved safe to Swallow by the FDA. Get your facts straight. You are giving essential oils a bad name by giving out incorrect information.

  8. Hi! I have many of the essential oils from doterra already just wondering what oils I could place in capsules for weight loss. Have tried slim and sassy with little results. Thanks

  9. Hi Dani, thank you for your great information. While I don’t personally do your brand of EO’s, I do appreciate the information and research that you put into your article.

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