The other day I was fortunate enough to try some of Jeffree Star’s new lip colors (husband works for him). They were amazing and the colors were awesome. But when I went to try one on, I realized my lips were insanely chapped.

Like, grossly chapped. Skin hanging off. It’s easier to not notice this when wearing nothing on your lips. It was kind of sick. I’m pretty sure it’s because I spent all of last weekend at the beach and didn’t use an SPF chapstick on my lips. Winter ain’t the only season your lips can get chapped.

So I immediately made a lip scrub. I usually only make this in winter, but summer is obviously a good season to make it as well. This DIY lip scrub super easy and tastes pretty amazing. And it’s great at sloughing off dead skin on your lips.



  1. Combine all ingredients in a small glass jar, like this one.
  2. This is best applied in the shower, on towel dried lips.


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