A few days ago I posted a picture of Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil Spray on my Facebook page telling everyone how I started using it as a quick body and hair spray (for fly aways, dry ends and deep conditioning masks). I got quite a few comments, ranging from excited to try it to concerned about the ingredients to telling me I’m lazy (really dude?) to someone who thought it was creepy. How coconut oil is creepy is beyond me.

To those concerned about the ingredients, it contains organic coconut oil, soy lecithin, natural flavors and propellant (no chlorofluorocarbons). While I generally recommend only applying to your body what is safe to eat, and I don’t eat soy, this contains a minuscule amount of non-GMO soy lecithin (I asked about the non-GMO part). I’m really unconcerned with a tiny amount of GMO-free soy being applied to my skin.

Would I eat this? No. Would I apply it to my hair and skin to save time? Hell yes!

This is now my favorite way to apply coconut oil. You simply spray it up and down your body, give it a quick rub in and you’re done. It’s much quicker and dries much faster than scooping coconut oil out of the jar and applying it by hand. I don’t plan on or recommend doing this all the time, but it’s a great alliterative when you’re in a rush.

My other favorite way to use this is to apply it as a hair mask. I do coconut oil hair masks once a week because they’re do hydrating. I apply from the mid-length of my hair to the ends and I sleep in it. When I wash my hair in the morning, it’s much softer.

I also use this when my ends get a bit dry or when I have fly aways. It tames frizz and provides some much needed moisture to the ends of my hair. It’s also an AMAZING eye makeup remover. Got raccoon eyes post shower? Just spray some of this in your hands, apply to eye area and wipe away with toilet paper. Works like a charm.

The reality is that I am not a perfectionist. I don’t always have time to apply coconut oil out of a jar. I’m not concerned with the fact that the ingredients aren’t 100% perfect – because they’re still pretty damn good. Especially when compared to lotions, hair masks and body products most people use (hello, carcinogenic parabens!).

Using the spray is an quick and easy way to apply coconut oil. And it’s a much better option than choosing 99.9% of lotions and hair masks on the market.