Listen, I know it seems weird. Who actually needs a tutorial on how to brush their hair? Chances are, you do. It’s okay. I did too. I had no idea how I was brushing was actually contributing to the seemingly endless amount of breakage I was experiencing as well as the dryness of my ends. If you’re anything like me, you constantly struggle with dry ends and maintaining a healthy, shiny head of hair.

I have long hair and want to grow it out – this brush is not only keeping my hair healthy, it’s boosting growth. I stimulate my scalp every time I brush. I also basically deep condition my hair every time I brush, using the natural oils my scalp produces – aka the best conditioner on earth.

Watch below for the tips and a demonstration, or just read below for my tips.

Tip #1

Use the correct brush. I can’t emphasize this enough. I never considered the brushes I was using before, and I never knew they could (and were) contributing to the unhealthy head of hair I had. This boar bristle brush is literally the best brush you will ever use. It works for all hair types and is amazing. It won’t cause breakage, it won’t rip your hair out, but it will leave you with a beautiful head of hair.

Tip #2

Never start brushing from the top of your hair to the bottom. This can cause breakage and rip your hair out if it’s tangly! Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Once your hair is combed out, flip your head over and brush from the base of your neck upward. You can see me do this in the video. It’s total awkward. Basically, the base of your neck and the back of your scalp is where the natural oil your scalp secretes is located – this oil is the best conditioner on earth. This is your natural oil, people! And it’s amazing for your hair. The idea is to brush the oil up and out so it’s distributed.

Tip #3

Flip your head back over, then brush backward. Make sure you’re touching your scalp when you brush
this way as well. While the front of the scalp doesn’t have as much oil as the back, it’s still a great way to distribute the oil. Also, because you started brushing with the back of your scalp, the brush is now coated in your natural oil. So be sure to brush throughout your hair and always to the end so that you’re applying the oil all over.

Tip #4

Ideally, do this three times a day – morning, afternoon and night. This will help your hair grow and keep it beautiful. If you’re unable to brush in the middle of the day, no worries. I rarely find the time to do this. The important part is to focus on doing this at least every morning and every night. Spend a good 3-5 minutes brushing your hair. Brush the back, then the front, the repeat. Make sure you’re distributing those oils. And definitely give yourself a good, long brush before bed. You can even apply rosemary essential oil to your scalp to help boost growth.

Tip #5

Get yourself this brush. Like I said in the video, my hair has seriously grown since I started using this brush. It’s also gotten so much healthier. My ends are nowhere near as dry, I have minimal breakage, my hair is stronger than ever and it’s always SHINY!


Brush This Way For the Healthiest, Softest, Shiniest Hair - the secret for beautiful hair might be as simple as brushing it right using my technique #haircare #longhair #beauty


  1. I use baby powder on my hair when it starts to get a little oily, in between washes. Is cornstarch healthier for your hair, or does it really matter?

    • dani Reply

      Talcum powder is linked to ovarian cancer, please make the switch!

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