I often get asked what I eat for breakfast or if I have any advice on diversifying someone’s breakfast menu. The truth is, I almost always eat eggs for breakfast. I tried yogurt and berries recently but it didn’t fill me up (though it might fill you up).

I find that people usually think fruit, nuts or a low-fat smoothie is an acceptable breakfast option. WRONG. You want breakfast to be full of fat and protein to keep you full and keep your energy up. And if you workout in the mornings or have a strenuous job, you should probably incorporate some healthy carbs into your breakfast equation.

So here are some breakfast ideas, some of which were gifted to me from my amazing Facebook community (they’re the best). There are also several egg-free options, though I will never understand how anyone who isn’t allergic to eggs would ever give them up.

25 Paleo Breakfast Ideas With Egg-Free Options!

  1. bacon and eggs
  2. eggs benedict without the English muffin
  3. raw and grass-fed yogurt topped with raw honey
  4. a Spanish frittata
  5. mushrooms, swiss and spinach omelet
  6. hard boiled eggs
  7. eggs baked in avocado halves
  8. simple scrambled eggs topped with salsa
  9. egg casserole – eggs, cheese, sausage layered and baked
  10. eggs poaches on top of corned beef hash
  11. sautéed sausages with peppers and onions
  12. turkey sausage sautéed with potatoes, tomatoes and a touch of cream
  13. eggs scrambled with veggies
  14. sweet potato bottom quiche (like a regular quiche, but use slices of cooked sweet potato as the crust)
  15. eggs with sautéed veggies
  16. egg muffins – mix eggs with veggies and bacon, then bake in muffin tins
  17. dippy eggs with bacon
  18. hash browns, eggs and sausage
  19. two fried eggs over sautéed spinach topped with hollandaise sauce
  20. ground beef topped with two fried eggs, guacamole on top
  21. a breakfast smoothie that will actually keep you full: 1 cup kefir, two egg yolks (or omit), 2 tbsp gelatin, handful of spinach, handful of berries, optional protein powder
  22. gravlax or smoked salmon with tomato, red onion, lettuce and capers
  23. smoked herring with sautéed veggies
  24. two pieces of bacon topped dippy eggs and half an avocado
  25. smoked salmon and avocado slices wrapped in seaweed

You also ALWAYS want to eat some form of fermented food with each meal, especially breakfast. Fermented foods help you break down your meal and absorb the nutrient from it. They’re also packed with probiotics. I have at least a couple bites of sauerkraut with each meal, but here are some other fermented faves:

  1. jalapeños
  2. salsa
  3. garlicky carrots
  4. dill beets
  5. radishes
  6. jalapeño garlic sauerkraut

25 Paleo Breakfast Ideas With Egg-Free Options!! Almost a month's worth of breakfast ideas!

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