Products Week One

Coconut oil can be found here. The expeller pressed coconut oil has no taste (I love it). I suggest buying a large tub. Unless you’re using another safe cooking fat, you will be using coconut oil frequently throughout this program. It will be necessary each week.

You can check out good, sturdy, non-toxic kitchen products here. Everything from my favorite crockpot to my favorite blender to BPA-free tupperware.

My favorite water bottle, also BPA free:

At this point you may want to buy a juicer for Detox Week 3. This is similar to the one I use:

This olive oil is organic and such a great price! It’s much more expensive in stores.

This is the best seasoning in the world and it would be awful to not introduce you to it.

If you choose to eat rice:

If you want to make desserts or use in place of wheat, breadcrumbs, etc. I recommend buying this almond flour. You will use it in future weeks.

Staples for future weeks that are sometimes easier/cheaper to buy online though it’s entirely up to you:


Fermented Cod Liver Oil



Supplements for Hormones

Fermented Cod Liver Oil



Supplements For Acne

Fermented Cod Liver Oil


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