The BEST Paleo Pizza Recipe

I have finally done it. I’ve found a recipe for grain-free pizza that doesn’t include any crappy ingredients. I’ve been searching for this for YEARS. There have been so many cauliflower pizzas in my house (which really are nothing like pizza, you can’t even hold a slice of it like pizza) and almond flour pizzas (which have bad texture and well, taste like almond flour). I’ve made coconut flour pizza and it has both a bad texture and bad taste. I have even had those all-purpose gluten-free pizza mixes, which are remarkably similar to cardboard. I had resigned myself to the fact that the only pizza that could ever truly taste like pizza, is a wheat-based crust. Until now. This recipe isn’t all me. I’ve gone Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade on ya for this one. The crust mix does come out of a box. But guess what? It’s made of tapioca,…

An Unbiased Review of Herbalife

Read this holistic nutritionist’s Herbalife review and learn whether Herbalife products and shakes really help you with weight loss.  Herbalife Review: This is what I, as a holistic nutritionist, think of Herbalife products for weight loss! While recently surfin’ Instagram I came across this hashtag: #herbalife. So I decided to check out their website and what Herbalife products were all about. It’s shocking. Are people consuming this stuff thinking they’re making a good move for their health and weight loss goals? People are selling this and calling it healthy? Disgusting. So here is my unbiased review of Herbalife products. Herbalife is a scam disguised as healthy living. According to their website, Our Mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world. Unfortunately, Herbalife by no means sell the best nutrition products – not even close.…