The Last Weight Loss Pillar



The last and most important pillar of health: food.

In my practice, there is one thing I do not ever advocate: diets.

If there is one thing that is the backbone of my practice, it’s a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know there has never been a vegetarian culture, ever? Or a culture that avoided fatty foods for chemically processed low-fat foods? Or a culture that has had our rampant obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer?

When we look to our ancestors, and even to modern day cultures that still eat what their ancestors ate, they don’t suffer from these things. They have clear, beautiful skin. Their bodies are naturally toned. They’re strong. Hell, they don’t even have depression or mental disorders. And there’s one huge reason for all of this.

They don’t diet, they eat well, and they eat what our bodies are designed to eat.

We need to make the shift from low-calorie, low-fat, diet foods to whole, unprocessed foods.

This is how to lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight isn’t just about shedding pounds, getting toned and building muscle. Losing weight is about being healthy, it’s about having energy and feeling great!

Why the hell would you do it if it didn’t feel awesome?

Most people have no idea how amazing we are designed to feel. Mood swings, weight gain, irritability, stress, skin problems, headaches, all of these things are often a result of poor diet.

And all too often I see people turn to fad diets, to counting calories, to green smoothies, to bland, boring, unhealthy food. Food is social, food is fun, and it’s meant to be enjoyed. This doesn’t mean you can eat anything and everything, it just means you have to make healthier food.

Hell, I just ate a brownie! But it was a healthy brownie, and it still tasted damn good.

It’s not about restricting your food intake, or counting calories, or weighing your food. It’s about making healthy food, it’s about enjoying your food and appreciating it.

Food is awesome. Let’s stop dieting and start eating to sustain our bodies.

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  1. You keep it real Dani! I’m glad I came across you, keep preaching the truth, as more will follow.

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