Positivity & Detox



No one gets anywhere with an attitude of doubt, fear, negativity, insecurity or self-deprecation.

I can’t tell you how many people come to me and say, “I’m fat, I hate the way I look and I want to lose weight.”

Here’s the thing: you will never lose weight until you appreciate and love your body.

Here’s why: those who approach weight loss from a vain, negative perspective may lose weight in the short-term. Those who have decided they love themselves enough to take care of their bodies, to give their bodies the best nutrition, to be the beautiful women they are, are the people who lose weight.

So many people are overweight simply because they haven’t loved and appreciated themselves enough. Decide the following:

  • That you’re effing beautiful
  • That you deserve the best
  • That your body is worth it
  • That you’re going to give yourself the best nutrition
  • That you care enough about yourself to change your lifestyle

Beauty is a result of health. You can only be the best version of yourself when you take your health into your own hands, and decide that you’re worth the effort. 


Did you know that everything you apply to your skin reaches your bloodstream within 26 seconds?

Did you know that most lotions, shampoos and makeup products have endocrine disruptors, known as obesogens?

Let me clarify. Your endocrine system controls your hormones. When you apply products that contain endocrine disruptors, they interfere with proper hormone production.

Hormone production controls the amount of fat you lose or retain, your mood, your appetite, your sleep and so much more.

So when you apply these products to your skin, you can literally affect your weight loss efforts. Not only that, but these chemicals are extremely dangerous and some have even been known to be carcinogenic.

Safe effective detox methods, like rebounding, juicing, sweating are all helpful to rid these toxins from your body. Not ingesting or applying toxins in the first place, is what I like to call “no-tox.”

Just like we shouldn’t eat toxic food, we shouldn’t apply or use toxic products.

Here are some of my favorite detox methods:

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